Baylor Zone Read Presents OU Problems

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 14, 2021

The Baylor Bears used a variety of formations to wear out the Oklahoma defense yesterday with their zone read scheme. We originally went looking for Baylor defensive schemes because they did a good job yesterday as well. What we found was a little different though. The Baylor zone read scheme did their part with keeping the Sooners offense off of the field for much of the afternoon too.

If you run this scheme, be sure to click on the play drawing below to watch this game sealing touchdown in the 4th quarter. Don’t stop there though. Go back and watch this entire youtube video. You will see multiple versions of the Baylor zone read scheme.

The ball gets handed to the back at crucial times for big yardage. The tight end who is wrapping on this play sometimes wraps the contain player. Other times, like right here, he kicks the player out on trap. One thing we noticed is how well the Baylor perimeter players do with the count. In other words, they always know to leave the read key and the tight end’s assignment unblocked.

FlexBone Slot Iso Misdirection Install

So let’s set the situation up for you before we get out of your way. The score is Baylor 17 Oklahoma 7 with 4:04 left in the game. Baylor has the ball on the OU 14 hardline. If you think this was just a “clean up” play at the end of the game, you are wrong. Baylor was having trouble putting the Sooners away, just like several teams have this season.

There Are Multiple Examples Of This Baylor Zone Read In This Video

The Bears line up in a double slot or FlexBone type of formation. Baylor QB, Jerry Bohanon, fakes the zone to the boundary. It is important to note that two plays before they actually hit the zone handoff for a chunk of yardage. This time Bohanon reads the OU end crashing and pulls the ball. The pulling tight end, Ben Sims kicks out the contain corner #9. Baylor has a hat on a hat to the play side. The only unblocked defender is the free safety who is coming from the opposite side.

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Once again, if you run this scheme, do yourself a favor and watch this video by clicking on the play drawing. However go back and watch the entire video. There are multiple examples of this Baylor zone read scheme out of other formations as well. Enjoy.