7v7 Adult Flag Hank Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 29, 2021

The NFL Hank concept has been around football for as long as defensive backs have been cheating on the deep ball. Your adult 7v7 flag football team needs to have it in your toolbox too. You see a lot of Center Bunch formations in flag football. This version of the Adult Flag Hank Concept sets up perfectly from this formation.

The NFL Hank concept is just two curl routes from the outside receivers and flat routes by the slot receivers. When the flat routes are run from Bunch, it allows your quarterback more time to read this curl flat combination. You can control this quarterback read by adjusting the splits of your wideouts.

If you want the read to happen very quickly then you cut the X and Z’s split down. if you want to give your receivers time to work, you just keep your splits wide. In this particular version of the Hank concept we have the Center out as a third read. That’s up to you. You could keep your Center and Back in to protect.

Read This Adult Flag Hank Concept Flat To Curl


Your adult 7v7 flag football quarterback wants to simply choose a side to work pre-snap or as they drop. If the flat is there, take it right away. If the defense expands to cover the flat, work inside to the curl route. These curl routes should be coming directly back to your quarterback. Your center gives you a third option. They can slide either way to gain separation from their defender.

You may have noticed the dotted lines extending out from the flat routes. Yes, you have natural wheel routes off of this adult flag Hank concept after you run it a few times. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your back in to protect. This will give you time to throw it to the wheel routes if they are open. You can also keep your center in and just read the curl to the wheel from either side.