6v6 Trips Flag Football Formation Perfect For Young Eyes

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 8, 2022

If you have a young quarterback one of the early things you will battle is that it’s hard for them to see the whole field when they drop back to pass. Young flag football quarterbacks are no different. FirstDown PlayBook’s 6v6 Trips Flag Football formation can help you and your young quarterback with this. This formation ensures that your quarterback will keep their eyes on one side of the field.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to understand that if they “see a little, they see a lot and if they see a lot they see nothing”. So let’s eliminate half of the football field for them on this play. You can see we have this Trips 6v6 flag formation set up in the red zone. You can really run it from anywhere on the field. Here are three reasons we like this play.

This 6v6 Trips Flag Football Formation Has A Simple 1-2-3 Read

In addition to having your quarterback looking on one side of the field, the read here is very simple. All three receivers are running basically the same route. We call them China routes. The receivers are going to work upfield to 5 yards depth and then break inside. It is important that they all know that if they do not get the ball to stay on the move across the field. This keeps them out of the way and clears out for the next receiver.

How Do You Defend Flag Football Bunch Formations?

The spacing of the receivers is important here. Coach the splits with great detail. You should teach your X to get a widersplit and your F to cheat inside some. This will ensure that the receivers are not bunched up close together. Your quarterback will read F to Z to X. This play can be run in 5v5 flag football and other versions of the game as well.

This Route Concept Has The Read Coming Into The QB’s Vision

It doesn’t get much simpler than this when it comes to the quarterback’s read. That’s a good thing. Once agin, your receivers will stay on the move and this allows your quarterback to go through the read right in front of their face. This ball can and often is caught on the far side of the center snap area.

Teach Tempo With This 6v6 Trips Flag Football Formation Concept

When You teach your young receivers to stay on the move as they cross the field, you also need to teach tempo. Tempo means that the receivers do not have to come 100 mph across the middle. Once again, they just need to stay on the move. They should come into the quarterback’s vision under control. This will allow them to catch the ball cleanly.

Your quarterback will learn about tempo here too. This play requires a nice accurate ball right in the receiver’s head and shoulders area. Your quarterback does not need to knock them down with a bullet that could bounce up in the air and be picked off.

One last thing to note before we head out. There is always a nice corner ball to your center if the defense does not respect this player. The snapper often gets overlooked or taken for granted by the defense. This will come in handy if that happens.