5v5 Flag Football Defense Changeup

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 7, 2021
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There is a fine line between getting too cute with your flag football defense and being a sitting duck. A simple 5v5 flag football defense changeup is a great thing to have though if your players can handle it.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we really like this defensive changeup for three reasons:

1. It Can Be Broken Down Into Parts

This is a very common 5v5 flag football formation. This is for good reason. The offense gets all receivers on the line of scrimmage to threaten your coverage. This flag football defense is designed to help stop this plan.

This coverage tells your two DB’s to work with one another and they must communicate.They don’t care what the other three defenders are doing. They just have to be on the same page of are we playing man or zone on the two receivers to the field.

The other three defenders have to decide (or you the coach) who is rushing and who is covering. This three player communication is not only easy but actually fun for the defenders as they hide the defense until the snap.

2. The Rules Are Very Simple

This flag football defense has two set of rules. The two DB’s covering the two receivers to the field will either play straight up man coverage or play “Bracket” coverage. This simply means that the inside defender will take the receiver who ends up inside. The outside defender will take the other receiver.

The three man rules are just as simple. One player rushes the quarterback. The other two must push to the receivers into the boundary. Normally you want to rush a defender to the QB’s arm but you have options with this defense.

3. It Defends The Formation Strengths

As much as you have to respect the single receiver, you also have to understand that this player is to the boundary. You have an extra half defender. Remember if the quarterback is going to get the ball out to the boundary receiver quickly, they are going to do it with a rusher right in their face.

Normally you will bring the rusher from the field and defend the quarterback’s throwing hand. This is why this flag football defense fits together well as a changeup. Remember, you still have your base man coverage defense and you can always check back to it if anything looks off kilter! An example would be if you see a Center Bunch formation. You could play this defense or check base.