Quarterback Sneak: 4th & One Inch To Win

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 4, 2020
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Yes, we understand that there are sexier topics than the quarterback sneak. Although the Eagles made us understand the importance of the play this past season. Here is an older article that details one of the most important plays in our game.

It is down to one play. You are up by two points with forty seconds to go in the game. You are on the 50 yard line. Your punter is a freshman and has never been in this situation before.

You have made your mind up to run a play. Neither team has any timeouts left so if you get the first down the game is over. If you do not they have the ball on your half of the field with a little over 30 seconds to work with.

Our Monday Morning QB question today is this. You have decided to call a good old fashioned quarterback sneak and put the game on your offensive line’s shoulders. Which direction are you going to run the sneak? Are you going to run it to the shade or the 3 technique?

Now for all of you high rollers out there who are going to throw a fade for six, relax and get real for a second. This is a very real situation that could come up in a game.

We also understand that there are some offensive line coaches out there who would want to go with their bread and butter play as opposed to the sneak. For you guys, we just ask that you indulge us here and give us your input on the quarterback sneak call.

So your offensive line is in their stances and the ball is about to be snapped. Which way have you coached your quarterback and offensive line to go vs this defensive look? Check back towards the end of the week and we give you our thoughts.

It can be very tempting as a play caller to design your quarterback sneak to hit the open A gap. However, you must always take into account that the defense is most likely going to pinch or stunt inside.

Pushing the ball right behind the double team is normally your best bet. The one thing to take into consideration is if both A gaps are covered, which is likely. In the event that you get this then we would run behind our best (away from their) best personnel.