3 Ways Your Football Staff Wins With A Program Membership

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 30, 2021

You can’t pay your football staff enough. We understand that. You understand that. Even they understand that. They do it because they love football, the kids, and hopefully working with you. As a head coach, you have to be looking for ways to show your appreciation to your staff. Today we want to point out three ways a Program membership does just that.

1. A Program Account Gets Your Staff Home At Night

A veteran, hall of fame head coach told me several years ago…”Charlie, I lose a lot more coaches to wives than I ever do to other jobs.” His point was that a FirstDown PlayBook Program account was going to allow his football staff to get out of the office and see their families at night before they went to bed.

Your assistant coaches are probably making a coaching stipend that is laughable for the time they spend at the office. By giving them a hands on tool that allows them to work faster and more efficiently you allow them to see their families at night. They also have the ability to take their work home and work.

2. A Program Account Allows Your Coaches To Teach Better

Look, there is not a single coach who has not picked up a piece of chalk, a grease pen, a pencil, and started drawing so they could show someone else a play or defense. This is just a natural part of the teaching progression. FirstDown PlayBook allows your football staff to use the same, if not better, technology when they are teaching your team.

Your young coaches will actually see what a well drawn play diagram looks like. They will learn that quality matters when teaching your team. The 35,000 plays that FirstDown PlayBook offers will set a tone for the quality you expect when your assistants teach your players.

3. A Program Account Allows Your Young Staff To Grow

There is nothing worse than working for a head coach who doesn’t understand that his assistants have dreams and goals too. Your football staff should be 100 percent loyal and work their butts off for you and the program. It is a two way street though.

A head coach should provide their staff with tools that allow for growth. FirstDown Playbook is like having a built in NFL football clinic 365 days of the year. It helps your young coaches grow. They can begin to organize their ideas and create playbooks that will help them when they get a chance to advance.

So yes, a FirstDown PlayBook Program membership costs around $600 to $700. It’s an investment in your program and your football staff that will reap dividends for 365 days out of the year. Take a look at this video to learn more about how it works.