3 Reasons To Run A Youth 2 Back Slot

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 1, 2021

Today we want to feature one of your FirstDown PlayBook youth football formations. The 2 Back Slot formation brings a lot to the table when you are lining up with 10-11 year olds.

Many of you are wisely beginning to put together your youth football playbook. That’s very smart. This will give you the chance to actually enjoy the experience when fall rolls around.

NFL Coaches On 12 Formations To Consider For Your Youth Football Offense

A youth football coach needs to be careful not to swallow some of the rhetoric that is spewed when it comes to coaching youth football. Make sure that you install a plan that your players can actually execute. This means for your youth football defense too.

Like every football formation there are some advantages and challenges with a 2 Back Slot attack. You have a two back running attack and that is always helpful, particularly if you have a good fullback. This formation also gives you the ability to run simple two man route combinations with your passing game.

Have Backs? Maybe The Youth Football Wishbone Is For You.

We have mentioned here before that many of our youth football formations are balanced. This makes the defense balance up as well. The 2 back slot is when you start getting into where one side of the field is strength and the other is the weak side. It will be your job to understand how the defense is playing you.

This short video explains three ways that we think the 2 Back Slot youth football formation gets that done for you and much more!