FirstDown PlayBook™ Reviews by Football Coaches

“FirstDown PlayBook has been a huge asset for us as a teaching tool for our players and our coaches. It helps us take what we cover in the meeting room to the field. Because of this, our meetings are now shorter, resulting in more time with the players on the field.”

Shane Laws

Head Coach - AC Reynolds High School, NC

““FirstDown PlayBook is the best play creation tool we have ever used. Not only is the design intuitive but the support the company provides is second to none. There is a wealth of football plays and functionality in their system that makes you look forward to learning.”

Brett Cotter

Head Coach - Albertus Magnus High School, NY

“The guys that I coach with will be the first to tell you that I am not very tech-savvy.  But with FirstDown PlayBook, I was able to put our playbook together and share with everyone.  FirstDown PlayBook is exceptionally easy to navigate and use, I highly recommend giving it a try.”

Keith Zimmerman

Offensive Coordinator - Nottingham High School, NJ

“FirstDown Playbook has been of great value for our football program over the last two years.  Having the ability to draw plays and illustrate assignments with colorful graphics engages our kids and is a great teaching tool.  Also, having hundreds of plays against any number of defensive fronts has helped our coaching staff be more […]

Kacy Presley

Offensive Coordinator/JV Head Coach - St. Aloysius High School, MS

“With time always being at a premium during the season, FirstDown PlayBook allows us to draw and keep scout cards throughout the year. By doing this, my coaches can continue game planning and not have to start over with drawings every week. A huge asset at the FCS level!”

Rusty Wright

Head Coach - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

“FirstDown is crazy-easy to develop & modify cards & organize/file in a user-friendly fashion. It gives us a very efficient way to plan practice scripts & situational cards. We all know the football planning world can move fast. FirstDown helps us move even faster!”

Jud Keim

Defensive Coordinator - Pacific Lutheran University, WA

“FirstDown PlayBook is the best playbook and play creation tool I have ever used.  It combines a tremendous library of already diagramed plays with the ability to create your own plays using extremely easy-to-use and versatile play creation tools. I can’t imagine being without it, it is a must for myself and our staff!”

Mike Magistrelli

Head Football Coach - St. Ambrose University

“I would highly recommend FirstDown PlayBook to any coach at any level. I was first introduced in preparation for the Under Armour All-American Game. The easy-to-use playbook maker, as well as the state-of-the-art drawing tool, allowed us to install high-level schemes in a short amount of time.”

Chad Johnson

Head Coach - Mission Viejo High School, CA

“FirstDown PlayBook has been a huge time saver for our staff. We have found that it has a wealth of built-in knowledge and ideas that are very easy to use. Our staff not only uses it as a teaching tool for our players but also a learning tool for our coaches.”

Rob Black

Hall of Fame Tennessee High School Coach

“In terms of coaching tools, FirstDown PlayBook is a must-have for every football staff. The professionalism of the staff, the cohesiveness of the software, and its elite presentation combine for a compelling system that takes our coaching ability to the top.”

Travis James

Offensive Coordinator - Union College, NY

“I specialize in all three phases as a coordinator on 11-man football and 8-man arena football and I have used FirstDown PlayBook to make all of my playbooks. I love FirstDown PlayBook. It is very simple to use with awesome information. I would recommend FirstDown PlayBook to all football coaches in the world!”

Tally Adams

Head Coach - South Florida Thunder & Special Teams Coordinator - Dillard High School, FL

“As an old school coach who’s struggled with technology, FirstDown PlayBook has been a game-changer. It’s allowed us to include details, coaching points and color to our playbooks and team presentations. It’s an absolutely effective teaching aid!”

Gerry Gallagher

Special Teams Coach - Delbarton School, NJ

“I was introduced a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. As a defensive coordinator, FirstDown PlayBook has a ton of ideas to use in any defense. If it’s looking for a new scheme or a wrinkle in the defense, there is a wealth of knowledge.”

Joe Lebryk

Co-Defensive Coordinator - Lexington Christian Academy, KY

“For high school football there are so many tools that are designed to help coaches better serve their players.  FirstDown Playbook has carefully developed a product that is not only user-friendly, but also driven by the folks who will ultimately use it in-season and out.”

Rick Snead

Head Coach - Calvert High School, MD

“FirstDown PlayBook is different. It is done BY coaches, FOR coaches.  This is not an app developed by ‘computer guys’. The depth and detail that has gone into this site is very impressive. The value is second to none.”

Doug Hurt

Head Coach - Castle High School, IN

“FirstDown PlayBook is an essential tool for our program. I used similar products, but this is SUPERIOR. My coaches and players are communicating more effectively and the results speak for themselves.”

Tony Santos

Former Head Coach - De Anza College, CA

“FirstDown PlayBook is fast and easy. We literally used it on our college clinic visits to create the additions and changes which gave us the ability to put everything in our terminology. By far, the best tool of its kind on the market today.”

Scott Criner

Offensive Coordinator - Rocky Mountain High School, ID

“FirstDown PlayBook played a huge role in our playoff run in 2019. It helped us be more efficient with our installs. The ability to digitally send our installs to our players certainly helped us out, specifically the younger players. The days of written playbooks/installs and wasting time with Hudl’s playbook feature are over.”

Allen Feigel

Assistant Head Coach - Livonia Churchill High School, MI

“FirstDown PlayBook has made a huge difference in our game preparation. During these trying times, it has been a huge advantage for staff communication and preparation.”

Tim Janocko

Head Coach - Clearfield High School, PA

“I would highly recommend FirstDown PlayBook to any coach at any level. It has helped me in being more efficient with our special teams installs, our practice structure and our weekly game planning. It has given us the ability to get information to our staff and players in a more detailed manner.”

Lane Powell

Special Teams Coordinator - Alcorn State University, MS