Youth Football Slant Technique

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 3, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook Offers A Ton Of Youth Football Help Just Like This Youth Football Slant Technique

Today we want to look at how to coach the slant technique to young defensive linemen. When you are coaching a very young defensive lineman  (9-10-11 years old) you have to be carful not to overload them. FirstDown PlayBook thinks you can break down how to teach this youth football slant technique into a few basic components.

It can be hard to get the point across that there is more to the game than just chasing the football. Once the center snaps the ball, it is just human nature to do that. The key is to teach your young defensive linemen that they have to see and feel what is happening first. It is one of the first times they are going to be putting geometry in play with sports. This holds true for all defenses too. No matter if you are playing a 4-4, 6-2 or a 5-3 Bear.

Your Formations & Defenses Are Already Drawn

Let’s face it. When you call a youth football slant technique, you are somewhat guessing. You’re guessing if you are slanting your players to the run side or away from it. If you just say, if we are correct, we win and if we are incorrect we lose…you will…lose that is. A better way is to teach your youth football defensive linemen is to see and feel what is happening to them.

When you call a line stunt you are just moving your defender from one technique to another. It is important that you teach a young player that they still have to read the blocking scheme. Why? Because it will take them to the football, of course! Once they recognize the blocking scheme, now it’s important that they use this information to help them.

Also remember this. When you call a defensive line stunt, it can be great for getting your linemen heading in the direction that you want. However, it minimizes the chance for penetration as they are required to move laterally at the line of scrimmage when the football is snapped. That’s okay though.

What Does A Good Youth Football Practice Look Like?

Today’s video takes you through some very simple things to teach when coaching a youth football slant technique. For the sake of clarity, we refer to a “slant” as to the tight end. We call it an “angle” technique if the stunt is away from the tight end. You may choose your own verbiage and system as you teach your youth football slant technique.

FirstDown PlayBook Offers A Ton Of Youth Football Help Just Like This Youth Football Slant Technique