Your Youth Football Split Backs Backfield?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 4, 2021

The FirstDown PlayBook youth football Split Backs formations is a close kin to our Jumbo formation. The primary difference is that the backs are split instead of being stacked in an I backfield.

This small difference gives you advantages when running some plays, while it also gives up some of it’s effectiveness in others. The Split Backs formation gives you the ability to get out on the perimeter with either a sweep or an option attack.

It is also not the power formation that the Jumbo formation is. You don’t have the ability to get downhill with an inside lead run game. If you have a fullback type that is generally more comfortable being a lead blocker than with the ball in his hands, then Jumbo might be the formation for you.

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If you have two running backs with similar speed an talent and also a quarterback that can get on the perimeter in a hurry then the Split Backs formation is something to seriously consider.

Finally, these two formations are so similar in structure that you can marry the two without confusing  your team and their assignments. Regardless of the youth football defense you face this will be effective.

So what’s your backfield look like? Either way we have your back (pun intended) here at FirstDown PlayBook.