Wide Flag Formation is Smart Youth Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 9, 2021

The FirstDown PlayBook Wide flag formation has a lot of Wing T concepts when you take a close look at it. Some flag football coaches scoff at putting two backs in the backfield. We think that could be a big mistake. Let’s take a look at why this flag football formation has a place in your offense.

This 5v5 flag football formation is called “Wide” because you have only one receiver out wide. You could also call it “Split” because there are two backs in the backfield. You will see why we do not call it Split later. This formation is may be the best misdirection formation in the 5v5 flag football formation group.

If you coach a youth flag football team, you are going to hand the ball off as much as you are going to throw it. Why? Most younger players are not physically developed enough for an effective flag football passing game. Your run game will likely be your bread and butter.

Your 5v5 flag football league will normally not allow blocking, so the best run plays are misdirection plays. You will be glad you have two backs in the backfield as you begin to fake one way and handoff to the other. You will still have a good short passing game to your backs. Don’t forget, you still have one wide receiver out there if you want to throw it down the field.