Twins 5v5 Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 29, 2021

Twins formation is next 5v5 flag football formation you want to install after Deuce formation. This is a natural fit with the Deuce because you simply move your back from the backfield to the slot. This allows you to coach the same player to now line up as a slot receiver to one side or the other.

5v5 Twins formation gives you the ability to run combination routes on one side or the other. You have two man combinations but you also now have three man combinations. The defense has to fight through rubs and picks or elect to play zone coverage. Most 5v5 flag defenses will play man coverage.

Quick crossing routes are hard for a man coverage defense to cover. You will learn to adjust your receivers’ splits to the Twins side to give you an advantage for the route combination you have called. Also, don’t forget you still have that great one on one matchup to the single receiver side.

Run The Ball Out Of Twins 5v5 Flag Formation Too!

All is not lost with the run game when you line up in Twins as your 5v5 flag football formation. You still have a dangerous jet sweep, end around and reverse run game that will be hard for defenses to cover. Tip…there are some great trick plays when you do this as well!

As you begin to install all of your 5v5 flag football formations, Deuce and Twins will give you a great foundation to build on. This way you will always have your base as you expand to other offensive looks.