Trips 5v5 Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 16, 2021

When you line all of your 5v5 flag football players up on one side of the center with the Trips 5v5 flag football formation, you are making a commitment. That commitment to the strong side of the field is worth it when you begin executing your new three-man route combinations.

Your three-man route combinations are an excellent way to free a receiver up. This means if your receivers are flanked out or in a Center Bunch alignment too. Keep in mind that just because you have three receivers in a combination does not mean you have to have all three in the read. Sometimes you can use one of the trips receivers as a decoy or a man coverage beater rub player.

Either way you have your quarterback looking solidly at the strong side of the formation. Overloading one side of the formation like you do with Trips also can create confusion with coverage. You can end up with an uncovered receiver or a favorable coverage mismatch.

Sometimes Your Job Is To Get Covered

Trips 5v5 flag football formation not only gives you three-man route combinations. It also gives you a sprint-out pass game to the three receiver side. This will be helpful to the young quarterbacks that you will be coaching. Your quarterback will be able to handle a three-level passing game when they are moving into the throw.

Trick Plays Anyone?

Just because you line up with all of your 5v5 flag football players on one side of the center doesn’t mean they have to end up there. Don’t forget that you can shift to this 5v5 flag football formation from a balanced formation. This will give your receivers a chance to out leverage their defender if you time it up right.

Trips 5v5 Flag Football Formation Provides A Great Bootleg Pass Game Too

Please don’t think that the advantages only include the pass game. There is a dangerous jet sweep and end-around run game that can be unleashed to the weak side. The run game is a great way to take advantage of an overloaded defense to your trips side. You can gain some of the same advantages with a 3 player Bunch formation too.

FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football Trips Formation Too

Good flag football coaches understand that misdirection needs to be part of your offensive attack. Once you get that jet sweep humming to the weak side you will have a natural boot pass plan to the strong side. Go back and take a look at your Twins 5v5 flag formation. You can use some of those just run them off of your Trips bootleg action.

If you want to learn more about how to use different 5v5 flag football formations, click on the drawing below. FirstDown PlayBook takes you through eight different 5v5 flag football formations that can give your flag football offense a jump start.