Stack 5v5 Flag Formation Creates Releases

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 12, 2021
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We absolutely love the Stack 5v5 flag football formation. There are so many ways to get creative with this formation even if you are coaching very young players. Stack formation is a close cousin to Twins formation that we covered earlier. The difference is that your two receivers now line up one directly behind the other.

Stack formation gives you an immediate screen-type passing game. Your quarterback could just raise up and throw the ball to the deeper receiver. This is a great way to get the ball in space to one of your talented players. The Stack flag football formation also prevents a good defense from disrupting the release of your deeper receiver.

This is not exclusively a “man beater” formation either. When defenses try to zone this off, you can run two slants inside and the outside defender has a problem. It will be nearly impossible to get between the stacked receiver and the quarterback.

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As we have previously mentioned as we cover these 8 effective 5v5 flag football formations, you should adjust your split to fit your quarterback. Bring your stacked receivers inside enough to where your QB can get the ball to them quickly. Think of it as your run game from an empty backfield set.

Finally, if your young players can handle it, incorporate some shifts into this formation. Line up in the stack look and shift the stack player to be a jet sweep runner. You could even shift back to your Deuce formation if that is easier. If you think that is too much for your players then run the jet sweep from the tight split alignment and you should be good to go!