Sound Single Wing Football Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 26, 2021

The Single Wing offense has been around since the beginning days of football. Even today there is a lot of interesting information out there on Single Wing football plays. The formation and plays still have relevance, particularly for youth football players and coaches.

The ability to have three viable ball carriers is one of the things that make it a sound option. Many youth football defenses also struggle with adjusting to a wing formation. This gives you a perimeter attack. In addition, many coaches will add the element of incorporating an unbalanced line.

NFL Coaches On 12 Formations To Consider For Your Youth Football Offense

We see a lot of plays drawn up vs defenses that don’t adjust to the unbalanced formation. This obviously gives the offense a pretty significant advantage. We don’t think you can count on this though. This is fine until you run up against a good defensive coach who is going to line up in a sound defense.

Sound Youth Football Single Wing Football Plays Will Be Drawn vs Multiple Defenses

Well as usual, we draw up all of our youth football Single Wing plays against six different defenses (yes, we adjust the defense to the unbalanced line). This way if you play a team that does not adjust you will be in good shape by default. If you play a good coach and a good defense, we have your back here as well.