Passing Game Devil’s In The Details

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 18, 2020
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Coaching the passing game is hard, especially when you get to the higher levels of football. The defensive coordinators are every bit as clever as the latest-greatest passing game genius.

It is important to be very specific about what the quarterback and receivers are looking for vs any given coverage. If either ae wrong it is an incompletion or a dreaded turnover.

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This is why with every FirstDown PlayBook Varsity pass game football play we give you an NFL quality play drawing that you can edit. It doesn’t end there though. We also provide player assignments and most importantly suggested quarterback reads. This is as detailed of a football playbook that you are going to find.

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So this football play we are providing you today is simple in some ways but the devil is in the details. Without the proper coaching points and quarterback reads the “devil” might be screaming down the field with a pick 6. If your quarterback understands to read the middle linebacker on this football play, it’s a whole different story.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you help with thousands of football plays just like this. It’s not just passing game help either. There is a ton of run football plays and of course defense.

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