Move The Chains With 896 F Flat

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 13, 2020

On 896 F Flat the tight end is responsible for running a full speed seam route and recognizing if the middle of the field is open or closed. He is a viable option vs cover 2.

Although, vs MOF open he must keep this seam route thin as he has a backside safety to be concerned with after the catch. The F must expand the curl area with his flat route immediately and try to outflank all defenders.

The Z will push the defenders with initial vertical speed but at the top of the route he will put his outside foot in the ground and drive straight back to the quarterback. He does not need to run a 4.4 40 back to the quarterback but instead come back with tempo.

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The X will also read if the middle of the field is open or closed. He will run a go route vs 2 press and run the deep post route vs MOF closed man or zone.

The quarterback will, in most cases, work the strong side all of the way here. If the middle of the field is open and the tight end runs good seam routes then you may want to give the quarterback the green light. If not, then it is a simple Flat-Curl-Checkdown read.

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If the F out leverages the defense get him the ball now. If the curl defender expands then look to get the ball to the Z. If both are covered progress to the back.

The X is pretty much based on personnel and experience. If the receiver and quarterback have a great feel for this route then it can be a viable alert on this play, particularly vs man coverage.

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