Heat…Free Safety Style

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 27, 2020

This is a repost from a while back but as we looked at it we couldn’t help but think of Clemson this past season. They were not shy about heating folks up and including the free safety as they did it.

When you call up our Frisco Fire Zone pressure you have to cheat the free safety’s alignment to get him in position to get home but at the same time is he coming down to cover the running back or tight end out of the backfield? The offense really doesn’t know.

Bringing the free safety can take some nerves of steel especially if your strong safety is not real comfortable in the deep middle of the field.

However, this is a zone dog and zone coverage makes you feel a lot better when you dial this one up. The offensive line has to adjust on the fly and include your free safety in their count or the quarterback is not going to have much time anyway.

Oh yeah, make sure to coach that drop end to look up #2 (the slot) on the hot throw because it just might hit him in the face mask!