Got A Nose? 5-3 Youth Football Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 21, 2022

A youth football 5-3 defense may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about how you want to coach your young team. Most youth football coaches want a four man front and probably even a six man front. Just for the record, that is a good way to go too.

However, here are ways to make an odd front work for a youth football defense. FirstDown PlayBook has even done a Youth FootBall Chalk Talk on the 5-3 youth football defense as well as others. One of the keys is to make it a six man front on the snap. We will talk about that at some point. Before we do that though, we want to point to you youth football coaches out there who may have a very talented nose guard.

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This would be your young player who is a better with their hand in the dirt as opposed to playing in a two point stance. We understand that there are weight limits in some youth football leagues. Still there are some kids who excel playing down, regardless of size. If you have one of these kids on your team, playing them at nose is a good thought.

Why? Think about it this way. When you line your best player up over the center, you have placed them as close to the ball at the snap as possible. This has advantages even if they do not make the play. Often times the nose disrupts the blocking scheme. This allows the other players to swarm the ball. This can mean playing a 5-3 Bear youth defense too.

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Be sure to check back in with us later as we look at how you can move your nose on the snap. This can cause a youth football offense all kind of problems. In the meantime, this is a good time of year to get your youth football defensive thoughts in order. Take a look at why right here.