Get Your Youth Football Defense Going The Right Way!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 26, 2020
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Anyone who watched last weekends game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks witnessed a great battle. Obviously, two of the best football coaches who have ever coached, were once again going head to head all the way down to the last play. One might wonder what that would have to do with your youth football defense.

With all of the complexities that is the NFL, there are always some things that are very simple. So simple that they relate to the younger levels of football. In this case, we want to talk about the last play of the game. Specifically how it can help youth football coaches.

This week on our FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday feature we discussed how the Seahawks had made a defensive adjustment. It was at a critical time to stop the Patriots on the last play of the game.

When you get right down to it, the adjustment they made is not that complicated. It just involves slanting your defensive front to where you think the ball is going. Without getting into all of the tendencies and other things that can go into this it can be very simple for a youth football coach too. Your youth football defense can make this simple adjustment if taught properly.

If you are getting hurt to one side or the other, always have a “Rip” or “Liz” call available. Your linebackers can make this to get the line slanting that way. The two plays we have here today both have “Rip” calls that tell the front to slant to the right.

Your Youth Football Defense Can Use This Slant Technique Too

Once again, the key or the indicator telling you and your linebackers which way to make the call is up to you. It might be to the RB. It could be to the Wing.

The important thing to take from here is to not just sit still and get pounded by the same play all game. You can can have adjustments built into your youth football defense like the one above and just like the Seattle Seahawks did!

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