FirstDown PlayBook Grows With Flag Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 29, 2020

Whenever something grows as fast as flag football has there are going to be growing pains. Just look at our eleven man game that we all think we understand. It has evolved so much over the years and even today we have different rules and fields for youth, high school, college and NFL football.

As flag football continues to grow, there has been a necessary push to adjust the rules and field sizes for the many different participants. At least one of the things that makes flag football so great also makes it complex.

We are referring to the diversity in ways to play the game. There is everything from 4v4 to 8v8 flag football out there. Children as young as five and six years old are playing it, as well as weekend warriors who graduated from college over a decade ago.

Many Ways To Use Your Flag Football PlayBook

You can find men’s leagues, women’s leagues and yes, co-ed leagues. Some allow blocking or shielding on offense and some do not. I am sure you get the picture.

Today, in this short video, we want to focus on the different flag football field sizes. FirstDown PlayBook recognizes that there are several different regulation size fields depending who you are. We also know that your league may not have the budget to play on any regulation field.

Below we show you how we are aware of all of this and we have you covered as you use the best flag football playbook out there. We also show you how we are planning to grow with the game of flag football in the future!