Crunch 5v5 Flag Formation Adds Your Center

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 3, 2021

Everything we told you in our last post about the 5v5 flag football Bunch formation holds true for Crunch 5v5 flag football formation. However, now the bunch includes your center or your snapper. The Crunch 5v5 flag football formation is also right square in front of your quarterback.

We call this formation Crunch as in Center Bunch. You can call it what you want but trust us, you want to call it. A lot of flag football offenses ignore the center, and that is a big mistake. This formation makes your snapper the focal point in several ways.

Your center is talented enough to snap the ball every play. Our guess is that including them in your pass game is not a bad idea. Those picks and rubs that the Bunch formation gave you now can occur to either side. Your Crunch 5v5 flag formation passing game will force them to balance up. The only thing you really give up is the running back that you have with your Deuce formation.

Crunch Is One Of 8 Powerful Flag Football Formations

When you formed your Bunch formation you needed all three receivers to do it. Now with the Crunch 5v5 flag formation, you can form your bunch and still have a wide receiver to stretch the field with the passing game. If you play in a league that allows your players to shield block, then your Crunch players are in the perfect position to provide protection.

If you have been keeping up with the FirstDown PlayBook features on 5v5 flag football formations we can see your wheels spinning. You are starting to see how they all can and should fit together. Don’t make the mistake of running too many. Find four that fit your players and let’s get busy!