Combine Your Football Clinic & Playbook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 28, 2020
Combine Your Football Playbook & Football Clinic needs

Yes, the effects of the pandemic are going to linger into 2021 whether we want them to or not. One of the effects will be tighter pursestrings as games and revenue was lost in 2020. Your football clinic will be among the things that are altered.

As we enter full steam into the football clinic season, FirstDown PlayBook becomes more valuable than ever. Combining your resources just makes sense as we head into 2021.

In years past, coaches were already using FirstDown PlayBook as a football clinic resource. Many use the detailed content that they find in FirstDown PlayBook and edit this to fit their own system. These coaches save this into their very own playbook areas.

Don’t forget too that FirstDown PlayBook doesn’t just offer you over 35,000 football plays, defenses and special teams schemes. We also offer you player assignments, coaching points, quarterback reads…you get he point. It is a football clinic that you can sit down and take your time with.

Also keep in mind that the coaches that draw these plays and contribute the coaching points are veterans. FirstDown PlayBook is comprised of former NFL football coaches.

Take a look at this video and see how you and or your football staff can actually turn this weird football clinic season into a positive this winter!