Bunch Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 26, 2021
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Sometimes the defense you are going to play against should tell you what to run on offense. When you coach 5v5 flag football, Bunch formation is a natural choice because of the amount of man coverage you are going to get.

You are going to get a lot of man coverage when you coach 5v5 flag football. One of the best ways to beat man coverage is with crossing routes. Please keep in mind that crossing routes do not have to come from opposite sides of the ball.

Crossing routes can happen with two or three receivers aligned in close proximity on one side of the center. This is why one of the best ways to run crossing routes is with the Bunch flag football formation.

Bunch formation is similar to Trips formation, but as the name implies, the players line up in a three-player bunch. Bunch formation not only pops the routes open vs man coverage, but it also pops them open quickly. This allows your young quarterback to get the football out of their hand quickly before they get sacked.

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Not all Bunch flag football formations are born equally. If you have an older quarterback with a stonger arm, you can line your bunch out wide. If you have a young quarterback you will want to pull your bunch in closer to the ball.

This is not unique to the Bunch 5v5 flag football formation. Your splits and your quarterback’s arm strength should be taken into account with all of your flag football formations. You can find plenty of other 5v5 formations that might fit your team right here.

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