7v7 Adult Flag: NFL Smash Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 13, 2021

The NFL Smash concept is good regardless of what league you play in, but we have a special reason for liking it here. When you draw your adult 7v7 flag football plays, you will probably make a common mistake. You will forget about your center. Girls high school 7v7 flag football coaches are guilty of this too.

It’s easy to do because you have to be creative when it comes to including your snapper in the read. It’s important though. Oftentimes, a defense will cover your snapper with one of their slowest defenders. That can be a matchup that you want to expose.

Also, you will be using your center to protect, at least a little. This can put the defense to sleep when it comes to covering the snapper. Like other NFL concepts that we have shown you, this version of the Smash concept is being run to both sides. That is not mandatory. You could always choose to run the NFL smash concept to one side and pair another concept on the other side. With this particular version, we are keeping two protectors in so that your quarterback can launch it if they have a deep winner on a corner route.

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When you run the NFL Smash concept vs zone coverage, you simply throw where the flat defender is not. If the flat defender bites the hitch route, then you throw the corner. If the flat defender sinks, then you throw the hitch. Once again, you will likely get man coverage vs your adult 7v7 flag football offense so we like to read this deep to the corner down to the hitch. You will notice the hitch routes burst inside late to separate from man coverage.

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